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I attended McNally Smith College of Music, which was located in downtown St. Paul. While attending school there, I completed several courses in ear training, music theory, and a multitude of recording, mixing, and engineering classes making me more than just a guy that knows how to turn a couple knobs. I received my B.S in Music production in the spring of 2013. 

Shortly after I began work for an arts non profit organization named the Des Moines Social Club located in Des Moines, Iowa. I worked as a live sound technician for the venue at their Basement Bar stage, Theatre Stage, and outdoor courtyard stage. I was even able to help build the organization's very own recording studio, which I later taught recording classes, and freelanced, working with local Des Moines artists. 

In 2019 I found myself moving back into the Twin Cities area working for a company focusing on audio visual work within a corporate setting. 


I like to approach my work with a humanistic aspect in mind. It’s easy to get lost in the clutter of technology or to get wrapped up in scientific nuances of how audio waves travel throughout space. Instead of dwelling on all of those sometimes boring  and confusing things I find that what really matters are the humans involved in the project. Whatever it may be. To me it’s about giving life to  each and every thing I record, while being mindful of the world and humans that surround it. I hope to hear from you soon to be a part of your next project. For booking or hiring please visit the Get In Touch Page.

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